Cécile B. Evans
A Trilogy of 3 video works: Straight Up, Countdown, and I Have Nothing

Scroll for images from installation at the Peckhamplex Movie Theatre, courtesy of of Son Gallery,
PAMI festival, London (Photo credit Son Gallery/Tom Saunderson)

Straight Up, HD video, 07:00 min

Paula Abdul, Straight Up (1988); Pina Bausch,
Nelken (1984); White Wine; Sign Language; Stars and Bubbles

Countdown, 2012, HD, 05:07

Beyoncé, Countdown (2011); Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker, Rosas Danst Rosas (1983); Tear sticks; AURA; Mr. Wizard's World experiments; animated Asparagus

I Have Nothing, HD video, 06:18

Whitney Houston, I Have Nothing (1993); Lucinda Childs/Philip Glass/Sol Lewitt, Dance (1979); Sleeping Pills; Semaphor; The Fountain (2006); Ghosts, Smoke, and Static